Machare Coffee Estate

Machare Coffee Estate is located in the northeast of Tanzania, on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The iron-rich volcanic soils and the climatic conditions at an altitude of up to 1,550 meters provide the ideal conditions for the cultivation of unique coffee qualities.

Sustainability and Innovation

On the 140-hectare farm, we have been dedicated to coffee cultivation for more than 20 years. The focus is on sustainability and innovative farming and processing methods.

We are the first organic-certified coffee farm in Tanzania and completely avoid the use of environmentally harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Highest Quality Standards

The approximately 311,000 coffee trees on the farm produce a quantity of around 100 tons of Arabica coffee per year, which are carefully picked by hand by our pickers.

We emphasize the highest quality standards and process the coffee in our farm's own factory: the beans are sorted several times, separated, washed and turned daily on the African drying beds to obtain a clear and balanced cup profile.

Our coffees outline a smooth, well-balanced cup profile with hints of chocolate, nuts and a bright citric acidity.