Cultural and Culinary Experience

Kilimanjaro Coffee Lodge is an ideal location before or after any safari or mountain climb as it offers a large variety of cultural, culinary, and physical activities.  

Being located on an organic Coffee Farm, Kilimanjaro Coffee Lodge offers a Coffee and Tea experience that will change your view on your favourite beverage forever. Watch our pickers as they harvest only the perfectly ripe coffee cherries and green tea leaves, see how coffee and tea is processed at our factory and taste the unique cup profiles in a personal cupping session. 

From rich biodiversity and animal wildlife to indigenous village life, our Nature and Cultural walks will give you an insight of what life is like on the slopes of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

See below all the activities we offer and please make sure to consult us latest 24 hours before your prefered time for bookings.

Activities We Offer

Coffee & Tea Tour

1.5 - 2 hours / USD 15 per Person

Our Guide takes you through our coffee and tea production facilities and explains how the coffee and tea are produced from farm to cup. The tour includes a tasting session of both coffee and tea.

Traditional Coffee Tour

USD 30 per Person

This tour takes you to the village where you will see how coffee is being prepared from farm to cup in Chagga tradition. You will be visiting the smallholder farmers we are supporting.

Nature Walk

2 - 2.5 hours / USD 10 per Person

Our Guide takes you around our organic coffee farm and its wild conservations areas, it includes visiting our waterfall. Our guide has an extensive knowledge of flora and fauna.

Chagga People Lifestyle / Traditional Food

3 hours / USD 30 per Person (incl. shopping for food)

Get a glimpes into the traditional Chagga people lifestyle and experience how one of the main tribes living in Kilimanjaro region (The Chaggas) live.


USD 10 per Person (short route) / USD 15 per Person (long route)

We have two jogging routes:

The short jogging route (7.5 km) will run in border between coffee plantation and our small natural forest.

The long jogging route (17 - 20 km) will run to two villages all the way to Mweka gate and then back to the plantation/lodge.

These routes are going through our Farm and the Village. Please do not run on your own as you might get lost.

List of Activities